Degene onderons die al enige jaren in het web van de games gevangen zitten herinneren zich Echolon vast wel. Het in 1988 door Bruce Carver gemaakte spel wordt op dit moment door het Russische Buka Entertainment upgedate naar de hedendaagse eisen. Happy Puppy heeft van deze space simulatie een preview gemaakt.As mentioned before, the action seems to take place not in the vastness of space, but in the atmosphere. This allows Buka to model a large-scale ground war beneath your craft. It also allows for more diverse missions. Sure, you'll get the standard escort, raid, and dogfight missions, but terra firma allows for seek-and-destroy and mapping missions as well. It also allows for more variety in the form of deserts, canyons, mountains, etc.

Such terrain demands a fairly sophisticated graphics engine, and Echelon's is no slouch, at least judging from this single mission. Imagine flying through a canyon with incredibly tall sides, thus conveying an impressive sense of scale. Also imagine water, dust and volumetric smoke effects, deep holes, and gorges. According to the designers, 200 objects and 50 vehicles, ships, and installations will be present by the time the game is completed. The battlefield comes to life with incredible particle and lighting effects, terrain warping, and an impressive sense of speed.

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