Teknoman schrijft:[q] "In de nieuwe .PLAN van Levelord legt ie uit waar je de Easter Eggs kan vinden in FAKK2[/q]":FAKK2 Easter Eggs: 10/02/2000 - Duane

Levelord has updated his .plan file and makes mention of why it has taken so long to find some of the easter eggs in FAKK 2:

Working on Alice has been strange, for obvious reasons, but the most profound one is that I am doing the first two levels of the game. I NEVER do levels in the first episode! Strange things are in the air!

Has noone really found the two Old Man Murray and one JeffK easter eggs in FAKK yet? Two are very easy, but one (OMM) logo was strategically placed and I was hoping one of the Crippled Brothers would have been notified by now. Do I need to run a contest or something? Here's a hint, you have to set "R_GAMMA 2" to see it well. Be thinking of where a game developer would put the Old Man Murray logo, too. "Noone has hated SiN more than the Pope, until now." I haven't forgotten, you bastards! ... ;)Mocht je het inderdaad hebben gevonden, laat je medegamers hier ook even weten hoe en waar. Dan kan iedereen er even van genieten.