PC.IGn heeft een uitgebreide preview geschreven over Westwood's Earth and Beyond. De preview gaat diep in op het verhaal, de 3 verschillende rassen die er zijn en uiteraard hoe het spel gespeeld gaat worden.If something bad should happen to you, you'll discover that Earth and Beyond handles character death a little differently than most games. First of all, you don't ever really die -- your ship just becomes incapacitated. You'll have to pay to get it repaired. If you don't happen to have enough to repair your ship, the game will automatically repair your ship to its lowest functioning state. And rather than losing character levels just because you died, Earth and Beyond will dump an experience debt on you that you'll have to pay off before you begin advancing again. This just seems fairer to me. On the subject of player death, I should mention that there will be specific areas of the game (about 20% in terms of ratio) designated as player killer zones. In the rest of the game you won't even be able to target the other players.

On the technical side, Earth and Beyond should support about 10,000 players (with maybe 3,000 players logged on at any given time). No decision has been made yet about the fee, but we've been told that it will be "comparable" to what's being charged for most massively multiplayer games. So, ten bucks? Probably, but that's up to Electronic Arts. As of right now, the foundation of the platform is really solid; all that's left to do is to create the content. Since it's an online game, the option is there to continue the development process long after the game's commercial release.

Het spel zou eind dit jaar in de winkels moeten liggen, nog voor concurrenten zoals Freelancer, Star Wars Galaxies en Eve-Online.