Er gingen al eerder geruchten het internet rond dat Westwood bezig zou zijn met een enorm online multiplayerspel. Computer en Videogames heeft er nu wat meer over te melden en als dit waar is heeft Westwood waarschijnlijk wel weer een enorme hit.The next major project from Command & Conquer developers Westwood Studios will be a massively multiplayer RPG called Earth and Beyond. A highly placed source has revealed to CVG that the concept borrows from popular Sci-Fi series such as Star Trek and Star Wars, allowing players to explore space in starships or pursue an alternate life on one of 200 planets. Careers will include Bounty Hunters and Soldiers, plus, we expect, magic users and aliens along the lines of Everquest. Except our source also confided that the quality of the game's visuals are "like Everquest – X10!"

"This has been in development for nearly five years" our source informed us "Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and the rest were really just buffers to keep EA happy."

Earth & Beyond is likely to be the most amazing online experience ever created. It seems like you will be able to log on from any next generation console and PC ("platform isn't an issue" we were told); you will even contribute to the game from a mobile phone.

Westwood is planning to announce Earth & Beyond at E3 in May 2001. The game itself, and the launch date of November 2001 with at least 200 planets/worlds to explore, was secret until today. We hope to have more on this incredible development very soon. Until then, our lips are sealed.

Earth and Beyond, here we come