Earth 2150 toch wel een van de betere 3d RTS games krijgt een opvolger. En zeg je nee, dan krijg je er twee want er zullen nog meer titels op de Earth 2150 gebaseerde engine worden gemaakt. De eerste is The Moon Project.

De "sequel" van Earth 2150. Benieuwd waar we dit keer naar toe gaan Why did they want to go and do a silly thing like that then?

Because 2150 was good, damn it. Nicely futuristic, it was the first 'fully 3D RTS' that really worked. Also, its 3D landscapes were uniquely dynamic and deformable, and it was massive and complex enough, and had options and multiplayer possibilities enough, to keep you playing the bugger until, well - well into the year 2150.

And it was successful enough to spawn this sequel.

Mate, developers Topware think 2150 was successful enough to justify not just The Moon Project, but also a further two forthcoming Earth titles - World War III and Earth 3, both of which are based on the Earth 2150 engine.

With you so far.

Now then... While these three are fighting it out to the bitter end on the home planet, a secret research project is underway on the moon. Only the project code name is known...."ProjectSunLight". To find the reasons why the Lunar Corporation has become so obsessed with this project, a huge armada of UCS spaceships blasts off for the moon...

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