Pc-paradox heeft na lange tijd spelen met de alpha versie van Earth 2150 een uitgebreide preview gemaakt van deze 3D strategy-game van Top Ware waarin ze veel dingen behandelen, van het (sterke) verhaal tot de engine, dit alles begeleid door vele screenies.TopWare has wanted to deliver a real-time strategy game that could be competitive with BattleZone II, Dark Reign II, and other such games. It seems that they are on track to make a crushing defeat. Implementing all the features needed to create a successful real-time strategy plus much more, this game looks extremely promising. An imaginative plot and setting will surely make this game revitalizing for those real-time strategy buffs, and the graphics will make anyone drool. The multiplayer option will give the gamer even more hours of entertainment, and the replay ability in the single player mode will give it even more. The gamers will be entranced with the beautiful graphics and yanked in by the gameplay. Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet has a complete package for us all.