Veel dingen in het leven veranderen, maar een ding staat vast, al voor jaren. En dat zijn de opvolgers in de EA Sports series. 2000 is bijna voorbij en dan staat men te popelen om een hele nieuwe lijn sport games te releasen. PC.ign kreeg een voorproefje van NHL2001 en Superbike2001. Natuurlijk volgen de andere 2001 titels nog EA invited us down to their offices in Redwood City today to give us a little looksee at their upcoming season of sports games. While their line up for the PC was a bit sparse compared to their barrage of console games, the two games that they did give us a peek at looked like they were coming along very nicely. One of the games is a motorcycle racer called Superbike 2001 and the other is their next hockey game entitled NHL 2001. While both are still a ways off from being released to the public, it looks as though they are right on schedule. NHL 2001

The first and probably more anticipated of the two games is the newest incarnation in the NHL series, that has garnered plenty of acclaim over the years. While there isn't all that much that is changed from last year's version of the game, there are a few different things that EA is hoping will make your time with the game even more of a pleasure. First off, there has been a graphical upgrade. The game will feature all new player models and stadium models that boast a higher polygon count and around 125 new motion captured animations. We got a chance to take a look at the game in action for a little bit and the graphics really do look like a lot of time was spent on making them look good. You will also be able to see each of the teams coaches sitting on the bench shouting orders and sending players into the game. [break]

[/break] Superbike 2001 The second title on the list is the next game in the Superbike series that gives all of us a chance to feel what it is like to race a super fast motorcycle at incredible speeds. Superbike 2001 will take you through 16 different tracks on your way to winning the award for worst roadrash of the century. Well, maybe not, but that would be pretty cool if you could. Wanneer maken ze nu eens een tennis game :'( EA Sports 2001 Lineup komt naar je toe deze zomer