Vertelde ik net nog dat het een gewoonte is dat EA sports elk jaar met een opvolger komt, zo is het ook de gewoonte dat als een gamesite iets doet dat een andere dat dan ook doet. PC.ign bekeek HNL2001 en Superbike2001 zoals je kon lezen. Daily Radar bekijkt: Madden 2001, FIFA2001, NHL 2001 en Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001.Think videogame football and it's Madden. For hockey, it's NHL 2001. For soccer, it's the FIFA series. Electronic Arts is the holder of the most coveted sports franchises in the videogame industry. This year, EA expects to expand its sports coverage with new titles like SSX for the PlayStation2 and later for the PC. It's also hoping to expand on last year's phenomenal Superbike game by making Superbike 2001 more accessible. We'll take a brief look at each upcoming EA Sports game, listing what to expect and what has changed. From what we saw, though, you can expect bigger and better across the board. Madden 2001 John Madden and Pat Summerall are back for this year's installment of Madden 2001. New to the game this year is the Coaches' Club license, which has real signature plays from various coaches around the NFL. Also new this year are online tournaments hosted by EA that allow computer-chair quarterbacks around the world to compete against each other for various prizes. Players can go through an entire season online, complete with rank tracking and special tournaments. As expected, players are all proportionally modeled to their real counterparts, so a big tackle will crush a small defensive end, but a quick wide receiver can shake a misplaced linebacker. Look for Madden 2001 to ship this fall NHL 2001 For this year, NHL 2001 sports many new features. The AI has been redone from the ground up and is both adjustable and adaptive. If the player likes to take a shot from the blue line a lot, the AI will learn how to guard the shot better over time. Specific to the PC version is an extensive Create-a-Team feature. FIFA 2001

For the first time in the FIFA series, linemen flag offside offenders, advertisement boards rotate, and fans wave flags and sing chants for the home team. In addition to this ambience, the crowd and sidelines are animated, and lighting effects reflect the weather changes. The game includes over 50 national teams, including US, England, France, Holland and Italy. The teams come from the 17 top leagues, including Major League Soccer (MLS), the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the Spanish Premier League, the Italian Serie A and the French LNF. Players will be able to keep their rosters current by downloading patches and updates from EA's website, and players also have varying degrees of urgency and involvement relative to their positions on the field. FIFA 2001 looks ready to continue its dominance in the videogame soccer market when it ships later this year. [break]

[/break] Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 With its exclusive license to the 2000 President's Cup, Electronic Arts hopes that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 will capture both the casual gamer and golf fanatic crowds. This year features many new courses, including TPC at Sugarloaf, TPC at River Highlands, TPC at Prestancia, TPC at Piper Glen, TPC at Heron Bay, TPC at Sawgrass, TPC at Summerlin, TPC at The Canyons, TPC at Las Colinas and TPC of Scottsdale. Also new this year is the ability to play against the pros. Virtual golfers can compete shot-for-shot against real pros in real time during actual PGA Tour events. Also new this year is the ability to listen to your favorite CD or MP3 while you golf. (No "quiet" signs needed.) As expected, players can compete online against each other as well, and rankings are tracked through EA's website. This year, EA hopes to give Links a run for the money -- and it may very well do it. En WEER geen tennisgame, dat word weer een mailsessie Meer EA sports titels @Daily Radar