Een spel wat de nodige aandacht trok op de E3 was Blizzard's StarCraft: Ghost. De ontwikkelaar is dit keer echter afgeweken van het traditionele RTS pad en heeft gekozen voor een stealth action console game. Toch lijkt Blizzard terug te keren op het RTS pad, want een van de medewerkers zou iets over StarCraft 2 gezegd hebben, namelijk "I was told that the storyline in StarCraft: Ghost picks up, "right after Brood War," and starts things, "that will continue later on in StarCraft 2". Hoewel dit geen bevestiging is lijkt men bij Blizzard rekening te houden met een vervolg op StarCraft. The gameplay accomplishes this by giving you a Thief-like stealth indicator, and the ability to cloak yourself (just like Ghosts could do in the original strategy game). What made this stand out from the other Metal Gear Solid knockoffs I've seen lately is the super hero-like agility the main character has. As a Ghost, you can climb nearly everything, and swing, dangle, and shimmy all over the place. And as a nice touch, you can do things like pull out your sniper rifle from everywhere. I was shown how it was possible to climb up a pipe, hang down from the ceiling on your legs, pull out a rifle and snipe the person directly underneath you. Pretty impressive. As this major emphasis here is on stealth, you'll be able to shoot out lights, and another nice touch is the use of force feedback when characters start to look your way. StarCraft: Ghost is echter ook een titel die niet vergeten mag worden, zoals in deze post E3 impressie te lezen is. Tevens vind je in deze impressie info over Dead Man's Hand (Xbox), Horizons (PC), Sonic Heroes (GC, PS2, Xbox), Altered Beast (PS2), Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) en Age of Mythology: The Titans (PC).