Door Frank Schiphof De E³ is nog geen 2 uur open en nu al bereiken de eerste updates van de showfloor ons. Nog voor de algemene impressies hebben N-sider en N-philes even de controls gecheckt. Super Mario Sunshine:

L Trigger - Press fully + control stick to sidestep / Ground pound

R Trigger - Press partially to spray water / Press fully to direct water

Z Trigger - N/A

D-Pad - N/A

Control Stick - Move around / Spin 360 degrees + A button to spin jump

C-Stick - Control Camera

B Button - Speak / Grab Objects / Slide

A Button - Jump

X Button - Change pump functions (move/attack)

Y Button - First person camera

Star Fox Adventures:

L Trigger - Center camera behind player / Sidestep mode / Bank/Roll arwing

R Trigger - Defend / Bank/Roll Arwing

Z trigger - First person camera

D-Pad - N/A

Control Stick - Move around

C-Stick - Weapon/Sidekick/Item menu

B Button - Put away staff / Cancel / Arwing bomb

A Button - Use staff / Use item / Fire arwing lazers

X Button - Roll / Brake arwing

Y Button - Assign from c-stick menu / Boost arwing

Metroid Prime:

L Trigger - Target Lock / Grapple Beam (when grapple point is active) / Scan Items

R Trigger - Used in conjunction with the Control Stick to free look

Z Trigger - N/A

D-Pad - Change Visor

Control Stick - Move

C-Stick - Change Weapon

B Button - Jump / Sidestep (using control stick when locked on)

A Button - Fire beams / Hold to charge / Morph Ball Bomb

X Button - Change into and out of morph ball

Y Button - Shoot Missiles

Legend of Zelda:

L Trigger - L Targeting / Switch to manual/auto camera

R Trigger - Shield

R Button - Action

Z Trigger - Free Look / Hint (in certain areas)

D-Pad Subscreen Shortcuts: Up – Map / Right - Item / Left - Quest Status / Down - Turn Off Window Display

Field Control: Down - Turn On/Off Mini Map / Control Stick / Move Link / Move Menu Cursor

C-Stick - Change Camera Angles

B Button - Action

A Button - Swing Sword

X Button - Use Items

Y Button - Use Items

Wario World

Control scheme - "B" main button -- punch, lifts, ground pound and press and hold for tackle. "A" button is jump. The C-stick is nothing... B is pretty much everything.Sommige controls lijken op het eerste gezicht nogal verwarrend. Zo zien we dat in Metroid Prime wederom gebruik is gemaakt van een eigen gecreerde button-setup, en dat er niet wordt teruggevallen op de voor consoles prima werkende Turok button-setup.