Dynamix, het bedrijf dat Tribes2 maakte kreeg wat speciale aandacht van Avault in een artikel dat meer info geeft over de mensen die de game maakten. In dit stuk wordt er niet zoveel gesproken over de Tribes-serie maar komen we wel een stuk meer te weten over de geschiedenis van het bedrijf.Driving down I-5 from my home in Portland, Oregon to Eugene in the pouring rain for my visit to Dynamix, I could not help but ponder how ironic it is to have one of the most respected game developers of all time located right in the midst of a city known best as a Mecca for track-and-field events. Arriving at a rather unassuming office building with the Dynamix logo outside, I wondered whether this company would really impress me face-to-face as much as it had from a distance for as far back in my gaming history as I can remember. As I waited for Sarita Churchill, the Dynamix public relations manager who served as my tour guide, I noted that someone was packing tons of copies of Tribes 2 into Federal Express boxes for immediate delivery, and I began to get really excited...Toch blijft het grappig dat met de weinige releases van Sierra ze daar blijkbaar toch altijd weer met topgames op komen dagen.