Er is een site gekomen voor Microsoft's Dungeon Siege. Hier kan je de website vinden. Dungeon Siege Website Launched Microsoft and Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor, the creator of Total Annihilation, today unveiled the project they have been laboring on for more than a year. Dungeon Siege, an action fantasy role-playing game, will plunge people into a gigantic, continuous 3D world filled with action. For the first time, Dungeon Siege will combine the immersive elements of an RPG with the intensity of real-time strategy, claim the developers. Starting out with a single character, people travel through the land, gathering an entire party. They must then lead them into a fantasy world as they set out on a quest to stop evil. Different from other RPGs, Dungeon Siege offers the ability to manage a large multi-character party, or battle through the adventure with a single character. Built on Gas Powered Games' proprietary "Siege Engine" technology, Dungeon Siege will also feature an interactive 3D world of immense size and scale, with both surface and underground worlds. Dungeon Siege is slated to release holiday 2000.