Dungeon Siege is de nieuwste game van Total Annihilation held Chris Taylor. Het is een multi- en single player fantasy RPG, gehuld in prachtige 3d-engine. De game stond op de planning voor 2000, maar door extra werkzaamheden zal het spel begin 2001 gereleasd worden (ken ik dat van ).

Anyway, de officiële site dungeonsiege.org heeft een Question&Answer gehad met de maker van de game. De Q&A is op dit adres terug te vinden.When the game first starts, the Hero is happily chopping wood on their little farm nestled in the mountains," Taylor explains. "These Krug Raiders come charging onto the farm killing everything (the cow and chickens ... yes, the chickens) and attack the Hero. Little do they know this is no ordinary farmer, and slice, chop, hack, down they go!

Unfortunately the Krug have already set fire to the Hero's farmhouse, barn and crops. Nightfall comes, and the Hero, who has had his home destroyed, heads out into the world to seek vengeance... now all they need is some trusty companions and a pack mule! And so the adventure begins."

As they talk to other characters, the player gets a fundamental question answered that they had, but the character will ask a new question like, "Why was our town attacked?" Well, these raiders who attacked us, we don't know why, but you know what's up in the Dwarven gold mines, we know there's an army of them up there, and we don't know what they're doing.