Het is een tijdje stil geweest rond de 3D RPG van Gas Powered Games (of ik let gewoon niet genoeg op ...), maar nu komt de fansite DungeonSiege.org met een special waarin ze een stuk biografie over alle teamleden hebben neergezet.Michelle Lloyd

Office Administrator

From the official DS page:

Michelle grew up in a huge family, which included 5 little brothers. Naturally, she's right at home here at GPG, ordering the guys around. Since earning her BA in English from the UW, she's been a retail store manager, a proposal writer, and a marketing sales coordinator. Michelle finally realized that she likes offices, and loves to "administrate," so the position at GPG was her true calling. And after realizing how far RPG games have come since her fourth-grade adventures playing Zork, she's thrilled to be a part of the Dungeon Siege team.En ja, ook vrouwen dus

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