Blijkbaar is DailyRadar niet de enige met een preview over Dune Emperor, want ook CDMag schreef er een mooi stuk over met wat leuke facts. De officiele website is nu trouwens ook geopend door Westwood.Emperor's back-story is vintage Dune: the Houses Atreides, Harkonnen, and Ordos return in the year 10190, and one of them has managed with the help of Lady Elera to have Padishah Emperor Frederick IV, Ruler of the of the Known Universe, assassinated. The throne is left open, and more importantly, so is control of Arrakis, the source of the most valuable commodity in the universe: the geriatric spice Melange that is indispensable for space travel. The Atreides, Harkonnen, and Ordos reinitiate their three-way ground war on Dune, this time supported by a variety of sub-houses, for control of the spice and the imperial throne. Emperor's back-story of Byzantine and Machiavellian intrigues characteristic of Herbert's creation will be told through the high quality cut-scene video that gamers have come to expect from Westwood. You can control all three of the houses, each with their own unique military units. The noble House Atreides' units and structures will be elegant yet hardened. The evil House Harkonnen units will reflect their inhumane, gratuitous natures. Finally, the insidious House Ordos will feature units capable of stealth and deception, and Ordos units will be more likely to rely on hit and run and sabotage tactics. In addition to the three main houses, there are five subgroups with which you can ally in the game: the Fremen, the Sardaukar, the Tleilax, the Ix, and the CHOAM Guild. Once allied with these groups, you can then build their unique structures and units.

De Dune-madness is dus weer teruggekeerd. Nu hoop ik enkel dat het niet dezelfde teleurstelling gaat worden als bij Dune2000.