Op de boards van 3DRealms stond een post of de nieuwe functies van de UnrealTournament-Engine ook in DukeNukem4Ever gebruikt zouden worden.

Hier zou het vooral gaan om de nieuwe landscape-generator en skeletal animation (motion capture).

The big man himself: George Broussard van 3D Realms, gaf een reactie.Some points:

1) We've had skeletal/motion capture/facial animation for over a year. We aren't doing 40 bones in the face, but then again DNF will be out a couple years before this next gen stuff ships.

2) Landscape is cool. We had our own landscape engine capable of ten's of thousands of polys at 50 fps a long time ago. They are about the simplest rendering engines to write. We decided a bit ago that merging that tech into Unreal for DNF was beyond the scope of this game. Same goes for adding in Epic's stuff (which looks sweet). Added to which, Epic's new tech is targetting hardware that won't be commonplace (a majority of the market) for 2 years.

3) Bear in mind that all next-gen games (using GeForce 2's and T&L as a base) will look this good. It's the next logical step. The hardware let's you move an order of magnitude up from rendering 10,000 polys at 30-50fps to 100,000 polys. It's the nature of the hardware. But games that do this are a couple of years off. They will have to wait until everyone has a GeForce 2 or better as the low end card.

So, yeah it all looks amazing, but the thing to remember is that it's not near term stuff.

George Broussard, 3D Realms

George Broussard, 3D RealmsBlijkbaar hebben ze daar bij 3DRealms toch de nodige aanpassingen in de engine gemaakt. Voor hoevere deze dan nog compatible is met de huidige aangepaste UT-engines is dan nog maar de vraag.

En als het heel even kan....een releasedatum?