Het eerste veld van de eerste DukeNukem levensecht nagebootst? Tlijkt er wel op. Of de game nou echt de oorzaak was..Gaming weer in een slecht daglicht of sommige mensen kunnen bepaalde dingen niet zo goed aan...A computer game may have motivated a medical student to go on a deadly shooting rampage in a packed Brazilian theater last week, according to police.Local news reports on Thursday quoted police as saying Mateus da Costa Meira, 24, a computer devotee, may have copied a scene from a popular three-dimensional game "Duke Nukem," when he killed three people and left eight wounded in the theater at a posh shopping mall in Brazil's biggest city.The game, where the player has to exterminate as many aliens invading Los Angeles streets as possible, normally carries "violence" and "adult language" warning labels.Police found three computers and hundreds of CD-ROM computer disks at Meira's apartment.Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper said police suspected Meira followed the game step by step, including his choice of weapons and shooting position at the Sao Paulo theater.In the game, the player can find a similar automatic gun before entering a cinema building. Then, he can go into the cinema's bathroom, where some evil monsters hide and before finally entering the movie theater.Meira also entered the cinema's bathroom before the massacre and fired one shot in the mirror there. In the game, mirrors spectacularly crack when hit by bullets, sometimes revealing hidden weapons or useful objects.Later Meira entered the theater where a film was being screened and allegedly sprayed the movie-goers with at least 50 rounds from an automatic handgun. Two people were killed on the spot and one died later in a hospital.According to police, Meira was overpowered by security guards when he stopped to reload his gun. Officials said it was Meira's clear intention to kill everyone in the hall.Authorities said Meira may also have been under the influence of drugs. They also said he had in the past received psychological treatment for stress-related problems.The shooting took place during a showing of the post-modern satire "Fight Club," which stars Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and has been criticized by some for its violence. Police gave no indication if the movie had anything to do with the shooting.