Shugashack heeft wat info geregeld over Duke4. Hieronder vind je eerst wat gebabbel over de wapens en daarna iets over de E3 en de 'hopenlijk komtie snel' demo.---Wapens-------------

The idea was that some weapons would require two hands, like an RPG, and therefore you could only carry one at a time. But the single-handed (usually weaker) weapons could be mixed and matched anyway the player wanted. The player could also hold a single-handed weapon plus an inventory item.

George Broussard then said why this won't happen:


--Anyway, this is obviously an idea with complications, but it's also one that fits Duke's image and would have opened up many cool possibilities. Since we will not be seeing this in DNF, hopefully another shooter will use this idea in the future.--

Yeah one that can throw away all the additional poly's on guns With this engine we cannot. When cards get a lot faster, or people choose to reduce the detail on the guns, you may see this feature. Until then, it's better to have another guy on the screen.



I think we'll only go to E3 if what we have in place at that time is already good enough for a solid presentation, without wasting time hacking together a demo.

Scott MillerMh... Moeten we toch nog wachten!