Op Unreal Universe hebben ze een special over onze favoriete FPS action hero, Duke Nukem. Alle tot nu toe vrijgegeven screens en veel informatie over Duke Nukem Forever. Ze hebben dit in teken van zijn 4de verjaardag gedaan. Hier onder een stukje over films die als textures gebruikt kunnen worden en de zogenaamde LOD techniek. Like Aliens vs. Predator the game will be able to play movies on in game surfaces, although rather than using Smacker video format like AvP it will apparently use the .flk (Flick) video format for this. Duke will also be fighting hordes of monsters, not the odd one or two. This is thanks to LOD, or Level of Detail, technology that drops polygons from models the further they are allowing many more to be shown on screen. 3D Realms used Sven Technology's LOD system for this instead of the UT LOD implemented by Epic übercoder Erik de Neve, simply because they didn't know at the time that Epic were intending to do LOD which any licensee could use.