Mr./Mrs. Ano Niem schrijft: "3D Realms heeft bekende gemaakt dat Duke Nukem Forever in het tweede kwartaal van 2001 moet uitkomen. Eerst zien dan geloven.": 3D Realms is famous for sidestepping comments about release dates and choosing the safer “when it is finished” route. But that has not stopped publisher Infogrames from setting a projected release date of Quarter 2 2001 for DNF on a recent product release list. Forget about the age old “publishers need precision and designers need creative space” debate--we wanted to hear straight from the source how accurate this date is. Although 3D Realms' founder and president Scott Miller still dodged predicting a date of completion--and indeed given the current information obtainable, Infogrames' projection is reasonable--he did submit this quote regarding the clandestine title's state of production: Although we do not have a release date--it is almost impossible to have accurate pre-alpha status release dates unless the developer is creating a less-than-ambitious game or is willing to cut out parts of the game to maintain the date--I can say that DNF is making fast and impressive and exciting progress due to having all the major code subsystems in place--allowing content creating to proceed unbounded. Hier is de link naar het artikel.