Gamelinks heeft alle info over Duke Nukem Forever bijeen gescharreld en er een heuse preview van gebakken. Taking a bit of a hint from Raven Software's, Soldier of Fortune, Duke Nukem forever is expected to incorporate so-called "hit-zones" that will dictate the amount of damage done to any character and their reactions to it. This therefore means that if a player is shot in the leg they will likely stumble and grab their leg, if they get shot in the chest, they will most likely be pushed back by the force or thrown on the ground. The level of gore that will be present in Duke Nukem Forever is still unknown but will probably border on the violent to gruesome front. To add to the impressiveness and effectiveness of DNF's engine, the game will incorporate Level of Detail technology which has been licensed from Sven Technology's MRG technology. This LOD technology decreases the amount of detail you will be able to see on objects further away and increase the polygon counts on objects as they get closer to simulate real life more accurately.