Het is alweer een tijdje stil rond Duke Nukem Forever en nog altijd is er geen official releasedate bekend gemaakt. Volgens enkele releaselijsten zou het spel echter rond maart 2002 in de winkels moeten liggen. Om het lange wachten tot wat te verlichten heeft George Broussard wat informatie gepost over de bots in DNF. DNF zal in de winkels verschijnen met volledige botsupport welke iedere speler flinke tegenstand zullen geven. We were initially a little concerned that getting the bots to UT's level would be difficult, especially with our animation system, but it was surprisingly easy. Jess got them in and online in about 2 weeks. The hard work is done, and now it's just polish issues like teaching them new guns, inventory items, and game types as we go along.

Bots were also a major concern of ours because a lot of fps games have been shipping without them (even Unreal engine based games), and we see bots as significant for the future of multiplayer gaming. We are firmly committed to delivering both a strong multi player experience, as well as single player. Full bot support is a step in that direction.

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