Via Blue's News kwam ik erachter dat ShugaShack een interview met George Broussard gehouden heeft, een developer van DNF. Er wordt nog niets over release date gezegd.Shack: How robust will DNF's multiplayer component be out of the box? , How many different multiplayer modes will DNF ship with? , and How many multiplayer maps will the game ship with? Broussard: Very robust. We do not believe in shipping now and adding functionality later. Patches should be for bug, not gameplay. I think we are planning 10+ multiplayer maps, but really we have to get down to making them and seeing how much time we have. But I think anything less that 10 is a waste of time. As for multiplayer modes, we're still talking about options. We want to do a couple of different things other than DeathMatch, but we haven't decided yet. Some form of class based team play is appealing to us. Shack: How many weapons will be in Duke Nukem Forever and can you give us an overview of the weapons that will return or be from Duke3D? Broussard: There are about 13-14 weapon designs we are working on now. I know the Shrink Ray and Pipe Bombs will be back from Duke 3D. But beyond that, it's too early to talk about specifics..De 13/14 wapens die op dit moment in ontwikkeling zijn zullen ook een alternate fire hebben.