FragNeck meldt ons dat George Broussard van 3D Realms het volgende op het 3D Realms Weapons Forum meldde:>>1. Will there be one BFG type weapon, or several weapons that balance eachother out?

We're not done so hard to say. But big BFG style guns are fun. If we do anything like that there will clearly be trade off's to using the gun.

>>2. Will alt-fire be used a lot? Or something more/less complex?

Most weapons make use of Alt Fire.

>>3. How much will the old favorites be modified? With better AI you might need faster or more powerful projectiles for the Shrinker or Freeze gun, so that they are still effective.

Still tweaking them. Something like the Shrinker is being given a complete facelift in terms of functionality (it was pretty limited in Duke 3D).

>>4. Will there be a basic sniper rifle or a new and different sniper type weapon introduced?

We're discussing that now. We lean towards the sci-fi sniper rifle approach and have a cool idea or two. I think it's the next weapon up to be worked on.

>>5. Will the Rocket launcher have any special features, like heat seeking or loading multiple rockets like in UT? Is the nuke still in?

It will do more than fire like in Duke 3D.

>>6. Will you be able to sever specific body parts with the chain-saw? It looked like you might, with the area specific damage and what-not.

Probably. I can see an arm or head going off quite easily. Hmmm..may do that soon actually as the thing is in.

George Broussard, 3D RealmsHehehe, die kettingzaag lijkt me wel wat!