Acclaim heeft een deal met Ducati en mag een motor race spel uitbrengen met de merknaam van Ducati. Dit spel zal gemaakt worden door Attention to Detail."Both Acclaim and ATD are in collaboration with Ducati to ensure that the gameplay and styling accurately projects the revolutionary and desirable Ducati feel," said Evan Stein, Brand Director at Acclaim Entertainment. "Designed with the gamer in mind, the sophisticated game physics allow the player to get a feel of the different handling of Ducati's bikes throughout the classic Italian motorcycle company's fifty-year-old history." Ducati contains two games in one: Ducati Quick Race and Ducati Life. In the Quick Race Mode, single players climb through a simple arcade-style progression and skill achievement is rewarded with faster and more desirable bikes. There are three different difficulty levels in which to race as well as eight initial tracks. The Ducati Life mode is unique in that it offers single players a realistic simulation of the entire Ducati bike range. Proof of skill rewards players with cash flow, which can be used to enter more races and purchase more desirable bikes and upgrades. The unique thrill comes when the player takes their tuned bike and enters a challenge race against a friend - win and they get to keep both bikes; lose and it's back to the garage empty handed.Het spel zal op meerdere platforms uitgebracht worden.