Alle trekkies komen weer goed aan hun trekken. Net ST: Elite Force achter de kiezen en dadelijk DS9: The Fallen om de eenzame winteravonden mee te vullen .

Het spel was weer iets uitgesteld om nog meer polijstwerk te kunnen verrichten, maar Stomped liet zich niet weerhouden en kwam wel op tijd met zijn preview.One level that is extremely cool is the inside of a crash landed Starfleet science vessel. It's dark, it's raining, and there are creatures flying and running about trying to get at Sisko. If you turn on your tricorder you can track their movements. It reminds one very much of Hudson in Aliens with the motion tracker ("There's movement all over the place!")

The game itself ran well in both Direct3D and Glide in 16 bit color, but Direct 3D in 32 bit showed a noticeable frame rate drop. Hopefully the folks at The Collective will speed things up a bit before release. The music for the game is spot-on as well.

control of the player characters are handled well, about as well as Human Head has implemented for their Unreal engine based third person game Rune. Auto targeting is still a bit wonky, with weapons like phasers tending to point in directions where you would rather not want them to be.

Halverwege november moet het dan gebeuren. Tot die tijd kan je gaan waar al meerdere mensen gegaan zijn, de preview van Stomped.