Na het succes van Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force staat een volgende Star Trek game ons te wachten. Wat ons allemaal te wachten staat zocht Stomped voor ons uit en ze kregen zelfs wat nieuwe screenshots cadeau .Stomped: What sort of weapons will the player characters used in The Fallen?

Mycka: You will get to play with many of the well established Trek firearms. We've worked hard to balance a faithful representation of the Federation Phaser weapons with the game-play-mechanics which make using them fun. But there are brand new, never-before-seen toys. Most notably the Grigari EM Pulse Cannon. This little beauty packs quite a punch and we've spent allot of time getting the visuals and sounds just right, to make the dispatching of hostiles that much more satisfying.

Somped: What kind of enemies can the player expect to face while playing the game?

Mycka: Too many to mention in a few sentences. You'll go toe-to-toe with recognizable DS9 Alien races as well as many, many brand new characters and creatures. Even a whole new Alien race called the Grigari. These bio-mechanical mercenaries are fun to battle. They are scary

and formidable foes. The player will have to stay on his toes to figure out their vulnerabilities and defeat their defenses.

Stomped: How much work on your end is needed before the game is completed? Mycka: Not much. We are polishing up some remaining visual art elements so that it all gels together seamlessly. We want to make sure that the player will never lose the immersive feeling of being a part of the show. The quality we're striving for translates to all of the game elements. The players will appreciate and recognize the extra spit-and-polish. Nog even en dan klaar, dat hebben we vaker gehoord