OP FGonline stond wat info over Driver 2. Ik hoop dat ze wat meer gebruik maken van de 3d techniek enzo want Driver zelf is echt vet slecht het bouwt zich heel langzaam op...Reflections' Martin Edmonson told the publication that Driver 2 takes place in Chicago, Las Vegas, Rio, and Havana. "We wanted to have a couple of US cities again, and Chicago and Las Vegas are two charismatic cities left out of Driver 1," he said. The sequel will allow players to travel on foot and explore the city to a certain degree. "At any time Tanner can jump out of his car and into another one. Since there are many more vehicles driving around in Driver 2 such as trucks and buses, it makes for some interesting chases." Expect to play the game across 40 missions – all with a smoother flow than the original. "Driver 2 has a similar number of missions, but they are sequential and much more tied to the game story," said Edmonson. A release date or solid platform details have yet to be announced.