Ion Storm is op dit moment nog druk bezig met Deus Ex 2, opvolger van één van de betere PC games van de afgelopen jaren. Na al flink wat screenshots en andere goodies is vandaag de intro van het spel beschikbaar gekomen.

Ter ere van de Duitse GC2003 show heeft Ion Storm de intro van het spel op internet gezet. In een kleine minuten wordt het achtergrond verhaal van Deus Ex 2: Invisible War uitgelegd. De trailer is beschikbaar in het wmv formaat. : Approximately 20 years after the events depicted in Deus Ex, the world is only beginning to recover from a catastrophic worldwide depression brought on by technology run amok and a secret conspiratorial war.

The winner-take-all geopolitics of mid-21st century Earth have given way to a struggle over more basic concerns: food, water, reestablishing civil law and cleaning up biological and nano-tech fallout. In this chaotic recovery, several religious and political factions see an opportunity to re-shape a worldwide government to their agendas, understanding that the right moves now could determine the shape of human society for decades - even centuries - to come.

Amidst the debris, the player Alex D. emerges in searching the identities of true players behind the power struggles and the source of his own mysterious origins. In a techno-nightmare of the fragile revival or ultimate decimation of human civilization, take part in a dark dramatic struggle to raise the world from its own ashes. Download de intro (30 Mb) bij 3DGamers