Op Avault wisten ze wat meer te melden over Dreamland,de nieuwe titel van Bethesda voor de PC en Playstation 2. Het word een RTS met aliens,terrein wat je kan vernietigen en nog meer van die ongein.Hieronder staan een paar shots en wat info over het spel.Set in the near future, the human race faces extinction after a devastating war against alien invaders. With the military forces and governments of the world in ruins, people command the last hope of the human race--a resistance force called the Terran Liberation Army. Starting with a meager cache of captured weapons and technologies, gamers must repel the invaders and free the Earth from alien domination.

Throughout, people will participate in a deep plot and uncover the truth about Area 51, alien abductions, and more. Mission objectives include creating new bases to equip forces and protecting the remaining civilian population. Cash is now worthless, so weapons and ammo must be obtained through force. Need new recruits? You must fight to free civilians. Pics fixed by Ruben Pruim