Het is alweer een jaar geleden dat de Dreamcast het daglicht zag. In die tijd heeft hij veel voor elkaar gekregen. Sega is weer op de top van de berg qua consoles gezet, en intussen alweer verslagen door de Playstation 2. Daily Radar vond het goed genoeg voor een herdenking:One year ago, thousands upon thousands of people lined up to get their Sega Dreamcasts on the day of its launch. There were parties. Midget Verne Troyer got to stand on a chair and stare at model Donna D'Errico's tightly packaged flesh while signing autographs for people who'd gathered to pick up the console. Huge vans pulled in to promote Sega's "Mobile Assault Tour," which had crossed the country promoting the company's great works. Consoles were set up to allow players to sample the goods -- Soul Calibur, NFL 2K, Sonic Adventure -- and hawkish PR men tossed free goodies into the assembled crowd. Sega blended rockstar theatrics, noise and spectacle with simple good business, proving that if you do build it, they will come. On that day, a revolution began and a promise was made to game fans.

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