Hier de complete lijst van fixes van de opkomende patch.[bullet]The CD-Check has now been removed from the game.

[bullet]Retail Drakan no longer resets developer mode flag.

[bullet]Misc. bug fixes with saved games (however, note that your old saved games will not work with the 445 patch).

[bullet]Final builds no longer enable debug text when the level properties or map class warnings come up.

Changed default client port to 27910 (Quake port) to make it more firewall friendly.

[bullet]More networking code bulletproofing.

[bullet]Timestamps are now displayed on the dedicated server when people join or leave.

[bullet]The server command 'KICK' now uses the player number instead of the name.

[bullet]Added server command 'GIB' which kills a player (same syntax as 'KICK').

[bullet]Added server command 'TEAMS' which expects a value from 0 (teamplay off) to 4. Changes will take effect on next map to be played unless that maps enforces its own number of teams.

[bullet]In team games, fraglimit (kills) is reached by team score and not by individual score.

[bullet]Team scores are now kept separate from the player scores. If a player leaves the game for any reason his contribution to his team will remain intact. This should help clan games in which someone gets disconnected.

[bullet]In team games, the team color is now displayed to the left of a player's "over-head" name.

[bullet]Extended "over-head" player name visibility distance in ground-only levels.

[bullet]Any "PlayerPowerup" class can now be restricted to be picked up only by certain teams.

[bullet]Launchpads can now be restricted to be used by certain teams.

[bullet]Class-type "RynnPowerup" can now be set to cost frags in order to acquire the spawned object. This allows for purchasing of items, which can include armor, items, weapons, stomp events, and even level changes.

[bullet]Weapons can now spawn object generators for their secondary attack.

[bullet]New class-types (grouped powerups, multi and single collision). These can be used for a few things...namely designing your own level specific character classes.

[bullet]New class-type "MP_Goal" that should be spawn from an Object Generator. Can be setup to grant frags to the individual and/or their team. It can also be setup to change levels.

[bullet]Team Arena features added with observer abilities.

[bullet]Class-type "level properties" has many amendments.

[bullet]Designers can force server settings for their map if they want their map to only be played with certain settings. This includes team play, friendly fire, team color, and even the names of the teams. Some settings for Team Arena are also found here.

[bullet]Class-type "armor" has a new parameter that can render armor unremoveable. (for level specific skins/models) Class-type "keyhole" has a new parameter that can spawn objects or events when it is triggered. Along with some other interesting things you can do with this...CTF in several forms is possible Lees Surreal voor meer info.