Gamespot heeft een preview geschreven over ID's Doom III. In de preview wordt alle informatie die tot nu toe is vrijgegeven bij elkaar geharkt.

Er wordt gebabbeld over de grafische engine, die ongekend zware systeemeisen zal hebben. Verder wordt er ingegaan op de inhoudelijke kant van het spel, welke theme's er voor zullen komen en hoe het spel zal gaan spelen. Er zit veel speculatie in het artikel, het is lang niet zeker of alles zo zal worden zoals GameSpot het beschrijft.

Carmack says that Doom III's graphics are a whole evolutionary step beyond the 3D-accelerated worlds of the Quake games. The heart of this change is the new real-time lighting model, which works uniformly for everything in the gameworld: architecture, objects, and characters. Of course, when it comes to lighting a scene, shadows are just as important as the lights that cause them. One environment from the demo sequences featured a spinning fan on the ceiling, with external light shining down through it. The fan cast down a wide moving shadow, even shadowing the appropriate parts of a character standing in the hallway below. Before this, we had never seen a game capable of such classic movie shots as the villain standing with his face hidden half in shadow, but now, such atmospheric shots are possible. Carmack's goal is to make surfaces look much more interesting with many-layered texture effects. In Doom III, every pixel will have at least a bump map applied, and some pixels will have layered effects of a magnitude more complex, requiring up to 50 passes for a current-generation GeForce or Radeon graphics card to render.Je kan meer lezen over Carmack's nieuwe creatie bij Gamespot