De nieuwe lichting RTS games zijn (bijna) allemaal 3d. Veel visueel geweld en bewegende camera standpunten. Dit zagen we eerder al bij Warzone2100. En ook Earth2150 waar onze oosterburen al van genieten heeft het zelfde concept. En dat RTS een favoriet genre is blijkt wel want de volgende titel ligt alweer klaar. Dogs of War.Conclusion What disappoints me so much about this game is the way in which it tries so hard to be an engaging, original and humorous, but ends up failing dismally on all counts by being frustrating, predictable and utterly unfunny. Craig Charles only lends a certain feeling of amateurishness to the game, particularly so in the mediocre tutorial mission, which helps in no way to improve your skills for the full game, and only serves as a vehicle for Mr. Charles' pay cheque. I feel sorry for Silicon Dreams, as this title obviously had a lot of potential. If they were to produce another game with the same level of graphical detail, but subtracted the pointless voice "acting" license, thought out a gritty atmospheric plot line, and followed it through with gripping, frenetic battle sequences without the artificial feeling of this game's highly linear missions, then I am sure they would have a winner on their hands. Better luck next time. Helaas pindakaas dus , en het spel valt inderdaad tegen. In de tutorial kreeg ik zelfs mijn mannetjes niet meer uit de wagen.