Sander Korringa verblijde ons via de newssubmit met het bericht dat zowel Dogs of War als Metal Fatigue vandaag gold gegaan zijn. Dat wilt dus zeggen dat het af is en op dit moment alle cd'tjes geperst worden. Beide games behoren tot het Real Time Strategy genre.[break]Metal Fatigue:[/break] This game has been gold for quite awhile, but then ran in to Publishing troubles. Picked up by Talonsoft, it is now done (All the Talonsoft Code and Artwork has been put in.) and the Official word has been sent to Gone Gold on this one... (...)Metal Fatigue is a real-time strategy game that follows the story of three brothers caught up on opposite sides of a war over the riches of long dead alien civilization. Set in a fully 3D world with multiple camera angles, Metal Fatigue stands apart from the genre with its numerous innovations: giant, re-configurable Combots ; 3-Level Play, artificial intelligence from award-winning game designer, Mark Baldwin; and a pre-build phase that gives the player a enough time to establish their base before being attacked. [break]En Dogs of War's reclame praatje:[/break] Born To Fight, Paid To Die Dogs of War is the first fully three-dimensional Tactical Action-Strategy game to effortlessly mix line-of-sight arcade urgency with the command interface required to lead a massed force to victory - delivering highly challenging & addictive gameplay across a breathtaking, dynamic battlefield.Voor meer info zie de officiele homepages van Dogs of War en Metal Fatigue.