Gamespot Spain weet te melden dat de beroemde (of beruchte ) Docter Hannibal Lector de hoofdrol gaat spelen in game.

In het aktie-adventure, gemaakt door de Franse studio Arxel Tribe, neemt de speler de rol aan van the Docter himself. Verder is er nog weinig over de game bekend, behalve dat je de donkere kant van Hannibal Lector's persoonlijkheid gaat verkennen.

De vertaling babbelfish geeft het volgende stuk:

The French study Arxel Tribe has announced the development of a game based on one of more popular the literary and cinematographic personages of the last decade: Hannibal Lecter. The project is fruit in an agreement between Universal Studios and Arxel Tribe, companies that already had begun to collaborate for the development of the adventure game Hitchcock: Final The Cut.

Hannibal will be a title 3d of action and adventure in real time. The player will have to face the frightful and sibarita assassin and to explore the darkest side of his personality. Hannibal has predicted his publication for end of 2002, without still the systems have been specified for which it prepares itself. In any case, the trajectory of Arxel Tribe makes anticipate that it will not lack a version for PC.