De demo van Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens is uit en kan neergehaalt worden bij 3DFiles. DMZG is een door WXP (the Whole Experience) ontwikkelde benchmark tool met o.a. T&L en Cube Environment Bump Mapping support. Ook prettig is dat een GeForce 256 op prijs wordt gesteld (toevallig heb ik er daar nog twee van liggen ):Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens is a technology demo and benchmarking tool developed by WXP to show off the latest hardware accelerated features of NVIDIA's GeForce 256 accelerator cards (hardware transform and lighting, cubic environment maps, etc.). It is NOT a game, or a demo of a game. DMZG requires DirectX 7 and a GeForce 256-based accelerator card. It will probably run on other video cards, but you may experience visual glitches (especially on Voodoo3 cards). WXP has only approved DMZG for use on GeForce-based accelerator cards. DMZG is a brief glimpse into the world you will see when "Experience", our first person strategic action shooter, ships late next year. We hope you enjoy what you see and hope this raises the bar of what gameplayers expect from the next generation of PC games. Happy exploring! Some of the new additions to the engine are: GPU accelerated geometry transformation GPU accelerated vertex lighting GPU accelerated cubic environment maps Fading detail maps Each of these GPU features offloads work from the CPU to the GPU, which frees up the CPU for better physics, AI, and game code. By implementing these optimizations WXP has been able to push the DMZG poly counts from 10,000 polys per frame to over 80,000 on the same CPU. The level of detail this affords is astonishing. Zie 3D Files voor de download locaties.