RPG Planet had een interview met de makers van Divinity, een nieuwe RPG. Divinity wordt gemaakt door onze zuiderburen, de Larian Studios. Het belooft een mooie RPG te worden met mooie graphics, en natuurlijk het belangrijkste, goede gameplay. RPGPlanet: Graphically, screenshots show Divinity to be on the cutting edge, and it's known that your engine supports D3D and Glide rendering. What kind of resolution limits are we looking at, and what little extras can the latest hardware owners (Voodoo 5, GeForce 2) expect to be able to see in Divinity? Swen: While technically there are no resolution limits, we'll probably put an artificial limit of 1024x768. The reason is that we have to provide different user interface components for different resolutions, as things like buttons have to remain big so that the player can easily click them. One guy in our office is running it in 1600x1200, and though it plays fine in that mode, clicking a button which was designed for 640x480 is kinda problematic for him. As for the latest hardware owners, we haven't looked at that yet. If something makes sense, we'll do it, but currently there are no plans for that. De website van Larian Studios vindt je hier.