Effe een snellertje van 3DGN: Een nieuw spel van Firaxis, het bedrijf van Sid Meier (Alpha Centauri): Dinosaurs. 3DGN liet haar eerste kritische oog er overheen gaan:What does a stegosaurus eat for breakfast? How many Velociraptors does it take to defeat a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Would they even want to? These are the types of questions on the minds of Sid Meier and the Firaxis team as they work on their latest strategy effort, Dinosaurs. It's a god-game set in a 3-D world where you control dinosaurs roaming an ancient earth. Ok, so several million years ago isn't exactly "ancient" in the grand scheme of things (given the relative age of the Earth), so let's just say a very long time ago. Dig? ....eeh, ja. Dig. Kijk snel hier