Pc.Ign heeft een review van Die Hard Trilogy gemaakt. Dit spel gebaseerd op de films, heeft zeer bescheiden systeem eisen. Helaas biedt het spel weinig diepgang.DHT2's big trick is that it promises three types of game in one package -- racing, shooting, and third-person action. You can practice levels, take on the game in a movie mode that blends the game types into one cohesive adventure. If you're interested in quick action you can play the arcade mode and try out the levels for each separate game, with the catch being that you won't be able to play through some exclusive movie mode levels that way. With other hybrid titles making some good strides on the PC it sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately DHT2 provides a limited experience all the way around, coupled with a story that belittles the DH series. Dus weinig Yippakahee MF Hieronder 3 screenies van de verschillende spel types