We hebben er al een aantal flinke patches opzitten, maar toch zijn er nog steeds een aantal vreemde bugs aanwezig in DiabloII. DiabloII.net maakte er een flink rapport over inclusief screenshots.Barbarians can Leap, and Sorceresses (Sorceri?) can Teleport. Sometimes, they choose an unusual destination, such as the centre of the River of Flames. Apparently if you pick your spot properly, you end up on a tiny island in the middle of the lava. In some cases, you can Leap or Teleport to another such island, but usually you have only a one-way ticket back to where you started on dry land. We also know the same trick can be used to get to Imprisonment Island in the Tomb of Tal Rasha.

Reader Report: Recently I've discovered a map editor bug that apparently created "islands" you can walk on in the river of flame. I was walking along the path in the river of flame and I noticed that some abyss knights were trying to hit me with their ranged attacks from somewhere in the lava sea. I walked along the edge of the ground and I managed to get them on the screen. They were walking around the lava sea as if it were solid ground. I leaped over there and killed them and by walking around a little bit I discovered that the area had a round form...Like an island. - Marko Reader Report: Flayer Jungle, normal skill Hardcore on Europe I was playing solo in an attempt to get to lvl 24 and use several saved up skill points. I went straight to the FJ waypoint and ran out of the clearing towards the river. Walking back and forth on the water was a Winged Nightmare who could hit me from 10 yards away but who I couldn't hit because he was off the ground, even though in walking posture. His shadow was a way away from him as if flying and he was able to follow me back towards the clearing, several feet above me but still able to hit me! Anyway - here's the screenshot, sorry if it's a little dark but the shadow can be seen - Greg

Mocht je tijd over hebben, veel plezier met bugtracen.