Eindelijk, na een korte preview van Gamespot aan het begin van de maand, nu weer een nieuwe, van de nieuwste stress test, deze maal verzorgd door Ga-Source:Gameplay is just like the original Diablo, with the interface being one of the noticeable tweaks from the original. You pick an attack option and click for awhile, and you will repeat that action. Very simplistic controls allow you to do just about anything in Diablo with a few clicks, which is what most developers are striving for now. The coolest new feature I have noticed in Diablo II over Diablo is the overhead map that shows where your party members are, but also lets you continue playing. The only major complaint I have about the stress test is the poor support for NVIDIA based video cards. If you own a GEForce or Riva TNT2 then odds are you have to turn off 3D acceleration within the game. Some say those with these cards need to download the newest drivers, but I have and the game still doesn't work in 3D for me. The game is so solid at this point I just have to keep reminding myself that this is a beta, and the problem with these cards will be fixed prior to shipping.