Binnenkort wordt de download voor de Diablo II stress test gezet op ZDNet, en paswoorden zullen dan ook worden gemaild:More than 250,000 gamers signed up for the Diablo II stress test. The stress test beta is currently in testing, and we hope to have a final, downloadable version in the next few days. Once the beta is ready, we will begin emailing the first round of download access codes to testers. Testers will be directed to a ZDNet URL that contains the download. Please remember that we are sending out access codes in waves, so if you do not receive a code the first day, you may receive one in a later round. We will post on when we have sent out the last of the codes. Please also remember that if you do not receive an access code, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE BETA. You will not be able to play. Verwacht dus binnenkort hier een preview