DiabloII.net heeft alle info die ze konden vinden over Diablo II verzameld en daar een leuk 'previewtje' van geschreven.The development of the game is definitely nearing its final stages. Game content for all the Acts is completely done, and all the nasty bugs have allegedly been eradicated, with only a long list of medium to minor bugs remaining. Everything is being tested, from Battle.net performance to the game's cinematics. The first two acts are finished in terms of debugging, with only Act IV and a little bit of Act III left to go. Dii.net - The build that will be used for the closed beta is actually (finally) being worked on right now. There are high hopes for getting the game shipped before E3 in mid-May, though this may be rather optimistic. They're about 2 and a half months until E3, and we estimate the closed and open betas combined would take around 6-8 weeks. To ship it before E3 would require the beta to start very, very soon.De tweede alinea in de quote is door DiabloII.net zelf ge-add dus niet officieel.