De Realms van Diablo II blijven geteisterd worden door lag en zoekgeraakte characters. Er wordt door Blizzard hard aan gewerkt maar ook de laatste update is niet vlekkeloos verlopen getuige deze status-update *** LATEST NEWS *** Good news on our efforts to decrease the lag issues! We are currently testing a solution that provides a higher quality experience during peak times. Check back here for more information soon. Our development team is currently working on a 1.03 patch which will address key issues to improve multiplayer lag. At this time we do not have an ETA, but we expect to have it available soon. *** KNOWN ISSUES *** Some people have reported that they are appearing in the wrong games. We are investigating the issue and expect to have a solution in place soon. Update: Another update (just posted): Maintenance of has taken longer than expected. As a result, many of our customers are asking for a more detailed update as to what is going on and when we expect to complete our work. In an effort to keep you up to date, here is the scoop: Friday morning, we received several reports that players were having trouble accessing their characters. Specifically, some players were receiving the message "Player Not Found." We discovered the cause of the problem but, unfortunately, there was not a quick fix. Because this message was erroneous, if a player were to manually delete their character, this character would have been permanently removed from the Realm. In an effort to minimize unnecessary character loss caused by players attempting to troubleshoot the problem on their own, we decided the best option was to temporarily take down the Realms. Our programmers worked throughout the night, and we believe that the issues have been resolved. We are currently running an automated test on each of the realms simultaneously to verify that this problem has been fixed. We will bring each of the realms back up independently upon the completion of their respective examinations. We expect for the Realms to begin coming back online late this evening PDT (GMT-8). Ik had liever gehad dat ze een open test-versie hadden gehad, want dan hadden ze de werkelijke druk op die servers veel beter kunnen meten. Maar ja, nou maar hopen dat alle problemen snel zijn opgelost.