De winnaar van het Daily Radar Diablo II weekend heeft een preview rond dit spel in elkaar gedraaid. Episode 2 beloofd wederom een groot hakfestijn te worden:One of the great differences between Diablo I and DiabloII is that once you leave town you discover creepy creatures to kill. No need to venture into some dark depth to obtain experience points. I also enjoyed the graphics, which were much more detailed. The torture devices and bodies displayed in the dungeons are -- let's just say -- ugh! That had to hurt! The game is more challenging when leveling characters. Choices need to be made on which skills to increase. This becomes a matter of thought after the first few levels if you have a particular set of strengths you want to build in your character. Character choices during the weekend were varied. A couple of the guys chose barbarians (big, dumb and tough -- just how I like 'em) and another chose the necromancer. I found myself admiring the barbarian for the incredible tank that he is and the necromancer for his cool pets and spells. All characters seem to have more depth and capabilities.