De boys van GameProWorld hebben een preview gebakken van Diablo II. Vandaag kon je ook al wat mooie nieuwe screenies zien, dus nu maar even een previewtje er tegenaan.Evil has once again spread through the land, and it's up to you to stop it. In Diablo II, players will get a chance to take on the role of one of five new character classes: Necromancer, Barbarian, Sorceress, Amazon, or Paladin. Each class has its own unique skills and spells, and as characters advance in level, they earn points, which can be spent on increasing individual attributes. Depending on how skill points are spent, characters will vary from player to player.

For example, the Necromancer has the ability to raise skeletons from the corpses of slain enemies, with the number of skill points equaling the number of potential minions. Therefore, a player could choose to spend all of their points on that particular skill, amassing a veritable army of undead. Another player may choose to allocate their points into the Teeth spell, which allows the Necromancer to cast magic teeth-like missiles at their opponent.