De mannen van hebben 3 dagen mogen gamen bij Blizzard North. En alsof ze er nog niet ziek genoeg van waren hebben ze ook nog even een overview in elkaar getiept. Hieronder lees er een stukkie uit..Here is our extensive report on Diablo II, based on 3 days of nearly non-stop gaming at Blizzard North. The report is alphabetised, based mostly on the questions you submitted before our visit. Where there have been no changes to what has been released previously we link to the appropriate section which contains the most up to date information. The report spans nine pages covering a vast range of topics and includes a healthy crop of brand new pictures. This overview covers nearly every aspect of Diablo II, except for specific character skill info, and that will be covered in our Character Section as we update the existing pages in the days to come. There is much here, most of it new information, so grab a hot toddy, kick your slippers off and get stuck in.Hier is de rest!