Diablo II lijkt aan het RPG virus te lijden dat verveling heet. Je figuur wordt wel steeds machtiger, sterker en krijgt een hogere level, maar steeds opnieuw gebruik je dezelfde figuur, met dezelfde (maar dan krachtigere) moves in dezelfde omgeving. Als je dit allemaal samen neemt krijgt je: verveling...A hack and slash RPG is based on one main objective, a character kills monsters, gains experience and items, becomes more powerful and fights more powerful monsters... etc. Unfortunately this means that there's always a limit to how much the game can be played, and sooner or later a player's character will be so powerful that killing the monsters will not be a challenge. Similarly sooner or later, a character will have such good items that there's no point of him even looking at what's being dropped. When both of the above conditions occur, there's no longer a sensation of progress, and hence the game is reduced to meaningless clicks.

This inherent weakness is present in almost all RPGs, and that's why in Baldurs Gate there was little point of adventuring with characters who've killed Serevok and achieved the experience cap. Only Massive Online RPGs have managed to avoid this problem, by constantly adding more powerful monsters and items and hence always giving players a sense of progress. Unfortunately such is not really possible in a structured traditional RPG, such as Diablo II.

For a game to remain fun, there is one condition that must satisfy, it must always gave players a sense of progress. This is achieved in competitive games based on human skill, such as 3D Shooters and RTS, where it is the player who gains experience, not the character. There's always a way to practice and shoot more accurately or come up with different strategies and modes of attack. Where in RPGs such as Diablo 2… the character gains the experience and all the player needs to do is point and click. One the best skills have been achieved, there's no more room for progress, no more room for fun.Diablo II was zeker de moeite waard en was een goed spel, maar ik kon er zelf niet lang genoeg geboeid door worden om het spel 2x uit te spelen.

De echte RPG fans hebben het spel natuurlijk al op "Hell difficulty" uitgespeeld en hebben alle characters tot de laatste skill verfijnd, maar daarna is er toch echt niets nieuws meer te vinden.

Good luck met Diablo 3, Blizzard...