De fanpage heeft na aanleiding van the Blizzard's London press event een uitgebreide preview geschreven over de uitbreiding voor Diablo II, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Het artikel staat vol met nieuwigheden en voor de hard-core fans staan ook bijna alle eigenschappen van de nieuwe skills en wapens erin.Act Five takes place in the unforgiving tundra landscape of the Barbarian Highlands as we know. We also know by now that it's suffocating in the grasp of Diablo's sibling, Baal and his heinous minions. Your mission, should you accept it, is to forge your way through the wastelands up and into the heart of the Baal's stronghold slaying all who stand in your way. The beasts you meet on the way promise to be far more depraved than any you've put to the sword before, more contorted, deformed, evil and resourceful. But, in amongst all this retched hopelessness, there is cuteness, softness and beauty. Ahhh....

Act V is slightly larger than Act II but smaller than Act III. Bill estimated that you are looking at around another 6-8 hours of gameplay, completing all the quests.

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